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"The secretary is not an artist."

Translation:Sekretæren er ikke en kunstner.

November 27, 2014



"Sekretæren er ikke en ARTIST", is also korrekt!


I don't fully agree. Artist in Danish usually refers to someone performing in a circus, where artist in English always refers to a practitioner of arts (painting, music etc.). To translate into "Sekretæren er ikke en artist", the sentence should have been: "The secretary is not a performer".


I kind of agree Jesklittum, though i still insist that "artist" should be acceptet. http://ordnet.dk/ods/ordbog?query=artist , Translating "The secretary is not a performer" would actually be best traslated with "Sekretæren er ikke en performer", since we've added "performer" to the danish dictionary.

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