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Lessons completed on phone app but don't synchronize with browser. Connected to Wifi.

So I'm at home completing lessons on Duolingo on my phone. Then I go on to my computer to continue and the lessons haven't registered as being complete (e.g. I completed lesson 6 of the time category for Spanish but it still says I've only completed 5). My phone is connected to my home wifi so it shouldn't be a problem...

November 27, 2014



Hi Jamanfi, which OS are you running?


I'm on Android on my phone. Windows 8.1 on computer.

edit: It's also doing it the other way round... Lessons completed via the browser aren't updating on my phone :-/

edit: I've just noticed something else. For Spanish, on the Android app the Sizes category has only a single lesson. Using the website via a computer, there are two lessons...

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