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"Ze stierven na een paar maanden."

Translation:They died after a few months.

November 27, 2014



Duolingo, getting dark...


Hahaha, yes.


I wrote "They died after a couple months" and it was not accepted. Reported.


It would have to be 'after a couple of months'.


No, it wouldn't. There is no difference in English between "a couple months" and "a couple of months". The fact that one is accepted and the other isn't is a mistake.


It would seem that "a couple of" is correct in British and American English; apparantly, "a couple months" would used only in American English. Cf. https://ell.stackexchange.com/questions/13114/couple-versus-couple-of and https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/couple However, if you examine Google books you will find examples of the much less used "a couple months" on the British Isles as well. Collins maintains that "a couple" means only two (which is how I learned it in school in the USA 50 years ago, as opposed to a few, which means 3-12); however, newer usage no longer maintains this distinction.


"a couple" refers specifically to "two" though, so many there is another way to say that in Dutch


Wyh not "They died after SOME months."?


Because "een paar" is some as in a little amount.

In English "some" can also mean a lot, as it does in your sentence.

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