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Streak, Flair, Immersion

What classifies as "work" to keep your streak alive? I did a search and there was some, I thinks and could bes. They talked about what counts is your "points" and that work in Immersion translating, counts. I just did a translation and It showed I think a two on the little coin on the up right hand corner, but I don't see any points on my home page for today? [for some reason neither of my enter buttons on my wireless keyboard, nor the enter button on my laptop is letting me press enter for some reason, works elsewhere, must be Duo, so I can't make a new paragraph like I want] Also, while translating in Immersion, I was thinking it'd be nice if I could see the flair (langages, level, streak) of users translating so if I have a question on someones translation, their "proficiency" can help me feel better or worse about their work. A native tongue flag would help also, preferably in the shape of a tongue, like a rolling stones thing, jk!!! This would have to be time stamped so you know their level when they translated. I know I can open another tab with the link to their home page, but its just extra work and you'd have to do it for all the different edits and remember them..........

July 7, 2013



Right now, you can add to your streak by completing a lesson, doing practice, rating a article in the immersion view, translating a sentence or editing a sentence. Also, to see a space between paragraphs in your comment you'll need to press enter twice. Your additional flair ideas have also been noted :)


also sometimes for some reason you have to refresh the page to update points, even if you've just opened that page. happens all the time!


True! Same goes for when you get a leaf on the tree back to golden. Must refresh before I see the result (in Chrome here, haven't checked all browsers)


I'd also love to be able to indicate native language. It doesn't have to be in the shape of a tongue though. :)


You know I said the tongue comment as a joke, just because its what popped in my mind when I said, tongue flag, to avoid saying, flag of the users native country. Rolling Stones is just what I thought of to take the joke further, because at least for me its the most icon image of a tongue. So obviously it was a joke and please don't think this is further trying to push for a tongue flag, I just wanted to show what I thought was funny as I did a simple Google search for the Rolling Stones tongue, just cause I haven't seen it for a while:


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