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"Ik doe een paar telefoontjes."

Translation:I am making a few calls.

November 27, 2014



What is wrong with "I am doing a few calls". I am not a native English speaker, but I think it can be used this way. "I am doing a few calls to solve the problem with them".


It's most natural to say "make a call" in English.


It is also very easy, and I have heard it many times said .. "you go and do your phonecalls, and I'll carry on here"


While translating word for word can help you to remember how to say something, it really isn't good to encourage that type of translation when learning a language. Better for things like this to learn phrases, and do the analysis to oneself.


I'm not translating word for word - I'm giving an alternative


Unfortunately, while "you go and do your phone calls " is good idiomatic English, "I do/am doing a phone call" is not. I think it's because "you go and do X" has become lexicalised to the state where things can take the place of X that do not work that way outside of that particular phrase.

(p.s. in UK English at least, even "I am making a phone call" sounds pretty stilted/formal". To me it would sound more natural to say something like, "I'm ringing someone up" or "I'm on the phone")


I thought we were learning idiomatic speech to converse, as opposed to being so grammatically correct? and "een paar" means "a few" so, "I'm on the phone" would be missing the point.


My p.s. referred to telephone-related language in general, not the specific phrase I addressed in the main comment.

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