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"Oder mag sie Orangen mehr als Äpfel?"

Translation:Or does she like oranges more than apples?

July 7, 2013



Not quite, rather "Does she prefer oranges to apples?" the question implies that we already think, that she likes oranges better, but we are not sure. it's subtle, but there's a difference. your question would translate to - Mag sie Orangen oder Äpfel lieber/mehr?

to be honest, i'm not sure if I'm making any sense here ^^ your translation is correct, so don't worry too much about the explanation above.


I wrote "Or she likes oranges more than apples?" and it said it was wrong but it wouldn't show me the translation. What should it be?


the correct reply is 'Or does she like oranges more than apples?' I answered it the same as you, i've reported it.


I did the same and I think it is correct. Will report it.


How about "Does she prefer oranges or apples" ?


c'mon, why is "Or does she prefer oranges to apples" wrong...


Is there a way to remember when I should use 'wie' or 'als'?

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