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"Han visar mig en karta över Sverige."

Translation:He shows me a map of Sweden.

November 27, 2014



Can we use av here or only can use över?

[deactivated user]

    My non-native guess is that using av would imply that the map is literally made of Sweden, as if it were a substance.


    vi flyger, han visar mig en karta över sverige, en annan över norge = we are flying, he shows me a map when we are over sweden, another when we are over norway?

    [deactivated user]

      And can we say "karta Sverige", the same way as "kopp kaffe"?


      No, "karta Sverige" sounds rather weird to me, and I'm a native speaker. I think it may be because "kaffe" is a substance, and "Sverige" is more a conceptual thing. "En spann jord" (a bucket of dirt/earth) also works, but not "en karta Jord" (a map of Earth) I'm not sure though, I'm very bad at actually knowing the grammar of my own language...


      Yes, I think you are right. En kopp kaffe one cup coffee sounds less weird than, karta Svergie, map Sweden...


      how about Sveriges karta or svenska karta


      (A bit late to the party, I know) Both are somewhat ambiguous to my ears. Sveriges karta sounds to me as though the map is owned by Sweden. Imagine a very old and famous map owned by the Swedish government, if such a thing exists. Den svenska kartan, on the other hand, could also mean that the map was made by Swedes or in Sweden. I'm only a learner though, so if any natives don't agree with me, feel free to correct me.


      I think that would work fine, Sweden's map, or Swedish map.


      Is the meaning the same - sveriges karta , svensk karta? Sounds odd to me, the latter could be a swedish map of something (that's not sweden)?


      Svenska is the language - 'svensk' is the adjective you need to describe something as Swedish.


      'Karta', as in 'cartography'?


      Why "över"? First time I find "över" for "of".


      Don't try to translate prepositions word for word, it rarely works. Best to translate verb and noun phrases as a unit; we say 'map of [area]', Swedish says 'karta över [område]'.


      I like to think of it as maps showing the top-view of a particular region.

      So in a way, when you look at a map, you are looking at a region "from above", that is, you're <sub>over</sub> that region (and so is the map, I guess)

      Too confusing, maybe.


      It's not confusing at all! Actually it's vice versa I would say. It's a great way to memorize such thigns. Very nice observation, thank you.

      [deactivated user]

        Do the historic semantics of this sentence equate to a map 'over' Sweden, as in a bird's eye view map?


        No Microsoft Encarta jokes?


        Is "...Sveriges karta" incorrect?


        One way that makes sense for me is to think of it as a "map overlaying Sweden"


        "Carta" is letter in Portuguese, it won't help me this time :(


        Why not "about" Sweden?


        I suggest an improvement to Duolingo developers. Don't show the translation from swedish to english if i just made the inverse translation right.


        Another easy improvement is to have a "skip" button in each question that we did right once or twice.


        This would make a better experience for uaers at the highest language skills, who could save typing time to insost in the vocabulary and grammar that we never get right. Duolingo is great for begginers, and in this way it would also be great for users on intermediate or advanced levels


        Karta = Khareta in Arabic.


        Still confused. Is "karta av Sverige" okay or not?


        Not. Use "karta över...".


        I translated it in English to 'map from Sweden', why is that wrong? It sounds like good English to me, although I'm not a native speaker...


        The English is fine, over means of o'r about in this sentence so you're just using the wrong preposition.


        Why a " Sweden's map"is wrong?


        one typo. All wrong!!!


        I guess this is vaguely related to the German concept of "ein Buch über" "a book about" (literally: over).


        Is 'over' the only possibility here?

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