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ways to motivate streaks

I've been thinking of some ways to motivate users to get longer streaks, including:

  • Having a streak leaderboard, that shows the top streaks on Duolingo, and your place on the board

  • Receiving points for streaks. Maybe each day you get ten times the number of points as your streak, or something like that, so that you would be motivated to have a very long streak.

Let me know what you think :)

July 7, 2013



Hi ifingerson, I agree it would be awesome to have a streak leader board to go with the points (and hopefully, the DL team will consider adding a weekly points board too) :D

but I think 10x points is a maybe a little much.. there are people with >100-day streak who, if I understand correctly, would get 1000 points automatically everyday..? Personally, I think of the streak itself as another achievement - I'm aiming to get to at least 100 or 365 :D


I think a streak leaderboard is fine, but points for streaks just inflates everything—it's just silly. And if you've got a job that you need to devote a lot of time or odd hours to, streaks are really easy to let slip, so it wouldn't be a fair system to those who can't keep a streak going for reasons outside their own control.


Thanks for these suggestions!


Hope I'm getting back pay if this gets implemented! ;-)


Personally, I find the email 'nudge' really useful and a great motivator to keep streaks going, telling me to keep on 'keeping the owl happy' makes me hoot, (pun unintentional)...I'm a pretty competitive person so I do get momentarily grumpy if I lose a streak, but in this where it is something I've chosen to do, I'm pretty motivated toward the goal anyway. If I'm not on a leader board it doesn't motivate me to do more...it's neutral as I don't compare my circumstances with those of others (see sdrake comment). BUT whatever encourages people to learn a new language and learn about different cultures is only ever a good thing IMHO Keep it up everyone :D


I think the current streak badge here in the discussion boards is a cool idea, but perhaps a better badge would be to show the person's longest streak, rather than their current streak, or perhaps even both.

That alone would be more motivation for people to try to beat their current streak record because they want a higher number on their badge, which would be permanent once they achieve it.


Sound awesome. :)


What about having 5 points for every 10 day streak> For example- If you have 200 points and you have a 10 day streak you add 5 points on to your total, and then if you go 20 you add another 5 points on to your total


I wouldn't like the streaks to get mixed with the points, points reflect language ability, streaks reflect something different. but maybe streak points could be used to buy virtual stuff as discussed in the coins section. maybe a backup heart for example, so that if you fail at the last question of the exercise with your last heart you can chip in the backup heart! that would be awesome!


Hi grissl :) I just wanted to point out that points also don't necessarily reflect language ability either.. I'm about half way through my Spanish tree and a lot of my points come from refreshing old skills, but many people with less points than me in Spanish have completed their trees! I have no idea how they manage :P :)


yeah well, thats true. but wouldn't it be nicer if you could get something exclusive with streak points? like reindeer antlers for christmas?


that would be very cute :)


One of the big issues with the streak system is that you can easily lose motivation if you miss a day accidentally losing a long streak. I'd like a system that shows your top five longest streaks, and rewards you for the total number from all of them. This way losing a single streak will actually contribute to your total, and it won't be so disheartening having to start out again on a new one, especially in the early days of study.

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