Is anyone here afraid of owls? Or, are you afraid to make a green owl cry? If the latter is correct, then we should coin a new term to express this fear. How does this sound-

Duolingovirideochloclamatephobia (n): The fear of making the Duolingo green owl cry due to failing a lesson.


July 7, 2013


My name is Lyarra and I am definitely a Duolingovirideochloclamatephobe!

The owl only cries because he gives a (hoot) about us learning, all can boo me now, ha ha.

Yes! Love it. :)

Now, let's all try translating this new word :)

It's Latin, obviously. But think about it- how many times have you gotten less than half way through a lesson and have already lost your hearts? In such situations, how often do you just 'restart' somehow rather than having to see Duo start crying? There should be a word for that, and there's enough linguists here to create it.


It is part Greek actually, the -phobia part at least! I like the new word, even though I will never in my life be able to spell it correctly :)

Nice idea, Theognome! ;)

I don't know any latin, but stitching together these definitions I loosely get "Two Languages Green Mob Crying Fear". Where is the "owl" part?

That works for me. The distance between Mob and Owl is not great.


Are you mad?

I'll just be over here practicing....owl by myself.

┬┐Es prudente?

No, pero lo hago de todos modos!

That's not very owl-like of you. Such lack of wisdom...

Especially funny as I have owl tattoos...

there is also something called anatidaephobia--the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

That fear isn't all it's quacked up to be. It's quite fowl, actually.

Well, that pun made it on a wing and a prayer. It knocked me down and left egg on my face. I didn't think it had teeth...I guess that makes it impeccable?

Is it wrong of me to find phobophobia (the fear of being afraid) to be hilarious? Just seems self-perpetuating to me...

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