"The interpreters are working efficiently."

Translation:Tolkarna arbetar effektivt.

November 27, 2014

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    Why can I not say "Tolkarna arbetar effektiva"? Shouldn't there be a matching of the adjective to the plural subject?


    It's an adverb here, not an adjective.


    Could you explain the rules of mathing the adverbs, please?


    Adverbs always take -t. Was that what you meant?


    Yup, pretty much. I thought there was something else to it. But that way they are easily confused with the adjectives of singular ett-words, no?


    They are on different positions in a sentence.


    Yes, adverbs take the -t, but they are not affected by the plural noun?


    No, adverbs thankfully never change form.

    I should note that adverbs don't always take the -t suffix, but it's the general rule that covers most cases.


    Tack så mycket. Very helpful information.


    This one popped up during the "adjectives" course which comes before the adverbs one. Just thought I'd warn in case it's a bug. ;) Anyway because I've been thoroughly reading the team's comments throughout the exercises I was able to manage it nonetheless! So I wanna say a big thank you to the whole moderator team who indirectly helped me being proud of myself today xD ahahaha Y'all rock! Tack så mycket! <3


    Agreed. It's a bit confusing and misleading to introduce adverb forms during the part 1 of adjectives. It would make more sense to introduce this later to help reinforce the differences.


    Can a person say 'jobbar' instead of 'arbetar'?


    Is there any difference in the meaning?


    Why not "tolkarna fungerar effektivt"? They could be electronic translators.


    fungera can mean "work" as in "oh hey, that works", but it's not typically a good translation of other sense of working.


    This is tricky because, like others, I wanted to write "effektiva." So, could someone please put the plural "effektiva" in a sentence, just so I can see the difference. I'm more of a visual learner.

    • tolkarna är effektiva
    • tolkarna arbetar effektivt

    In the first one, effektiv* affects the noun, so you need an adjective form. But in the second, it affects the verb, so you need an adverb form.

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