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More social interactions like LiveMocha


I think duolingo is really great and can even be much more!

Before I used livemocha.com, because it has nice material and I learned a lot of portuguese there. But now I use duolingo

In any case I miss a couple features that made livemocha a great international social experience than just a simple language learning tool.

  • you can chat with any person in the site, make new friends and practice the different languages that you're learning
  • people can correct you more complicated exercises (written and spoken) for a more advance learning (and you can correct them too)

I am a developer from Chile and I'd love to help you with those features if you want (like in a branch of your code or whatever)

Keep the good work, you're definitively heading for something great!

update: fix a couple typos :B

July 7, 2013



Totally agree! We need more contact with other people!


Duolingo is great, I agree. If you are looking for some correction of your writing, try www.lang-8.com, which complements duolingo nicely, as there you can have your writing in the language you are studying corrected by native speakers.

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