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"We hebben een gezellig gesprek gevoerd over frikandellen."

Translation:We had a gezellig conversation about frikandellen.

November 27, 2014



Again, why these tips, if in the end they're rejected?! Isn't it ridiculous to accept 'gezellig conversation' and reject 'cozy conversation' ?!... Which one is 'less English'...? :-(


'gezellig conversation' is not English at all


4 years later it's still up there.


I would think that "a nice conversation" or "a pleasant conversation" would be viable English translations.


My English teacher taught me that 'cozy' means something like: a nice livingroom, with a fireplace and a nice atmosphere (or something like that). However, the Dutch word 'gezellig' means so much more than that. There is no English word for it.

Here is a nice explanation about 'gezellig'. :)


well, according to Merriam Webster, cozy conversation would be perfectly acceptable; but my point here was about WHAT Duo does accept for English translations, not about the richness of this Dutch term (which btw I understand very well). I'd accept Duo would avoid the term gezelligheid in the course altogether for being not-translatable... Here, however, Duo is giving hints on its translation, like for all other translatable terms, but then rejects your translation when you use the hints. That feels just misleading.


Ah, I get your point. That's really frustrating, I guess. I hope you reported it. :)

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Seems like the link is outdated. Here is where the article now: https://stuffdutchpeoplelike.com/2015/09/23/gezelligheid-gezellig/


If you wanted to say in english "talked over frikandellen" like you "talk over a cup of coffee", what word would you use to replace "over"->"about"?


In Dutch you would say 'onder het genot van een kopje koffie', or more simply 'met een kopje koffie erbij'


You can't say a 'gezellig conversation' That is not a translation Duolingo! You might be able to throw an English word into a Dutch conversation and it be totally acceptable, but it does not work the opposite way around.

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Should "a warm conversation" have been accepted, or am I misunderstanding the meaning of "gezellig"?


As a native English speaker with more than 30 years residence in Amsterdam, this sounds pretty good to me, and I will add it to my translator's toolkit of various ways to translate the supposedly untranslatable word "gezellig," depending on context. Hopefully DL will agree. I might however point out to beginners the difference between "a warm conversation" and "a heated conversation"!

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To me, "warm", especially in the context of a conversation, means friendly, whereas "heated" is the opposite! Ah, the joys of English.


why am I supposed to use "gezellig" in a translation


You do not have to - other translations, such as "cosy" are accepted.

However, it is rather famously a word for which there is no exact English translation, so if you want to capture it perfectly, an acceptable solution is to leave it as it is.


but I have to translate "cup of comfort" which in 45 years I have still never heard someone say out loud


The conversation may be gezellig, but the frikandellen not so much :P


you can have a chat over a cup of coffee about an altogether different topic than just the coffee. Likewise you should be able to have a chat over a frikandel about something else. I chose not to change the word over to about however Duolingo counted it wrong. I reported it


my answer: `"we have a cozy conversation about frikandellen" but the translation says hebben = had? when the hints say nothing about past tense? Have, having? not had. I am curious if there is another rule for translation dutch saying that says ignore what you have learned?

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In this sentence "hebben" is an auxiliary verb and "gevoerd" is the main verb. Together, "hebben gevoerd" means "have had" (in the context of a conversation). So an appropriate translation into English would either be simple past or present perfect, not present tense.


I didn't try it, but would "chat" have been OK instead of "conversation"? It goes more naturally with "cosy/cozy". In fact, I would almost say: "a cosy chat" is something of a set expression in English, but: "a cosy conversation" is definitely not.

However, "a cosy chat" can also have a sarcastic or euphemistic meaning. If your boss says: "We need to have a cosy chat", he's almost certainly not meaning he wants to praise your work. He means: "We need to go somewhere private, so we can discuss what you did wrong!"

Similarly, to comment on others "having a cosy chat" could imply you think they are plotting something. It might be particularly true of people who are not naturally perceived as friends: "Look at those two, having a cosy chat! What are they up to?"

Or am I in paranoid mode tonight? ;)


I used "cozy chat" and it was accepted.


Good to know - thanks.


Reported again 2/11 2019


The Duolingo translation is just not English. Why is "pleasant" not accepted? It's even suggested by DL as a translation!


Just translate gezellig as nice, it really is that easy. The Dutch consider gezellig as not translatable......rubbish!!!!

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