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why is italian so hard?

I mean I do Spanish and Italian on Duolingo and Spanish feels much more easier than Italian despite I have learnt Italian for five years already.... and I only know the grammar

July 7, 2013



Don't be discouraged! Our stats indicate students learning Spanish have a higher passing rate on lessons than students learning Italian, so it's not just you:) The plus side is that you learn a lot from retrying the lessons, and everyone can learn at their own pace. No matter how long it takes, you'll get it eventually as long as you don't give up!


I find Italian very easy, mostly because I already learned Spanish, so I can't relate at all. But actually after you do the first 4 or 5 lessons, you should realize a certain pattern in the way sentences are structured; so it will get easier.


I do not have problem with the sentence structure (thanks God)... But mainly the words. I can remember the Spanish words and not so much the Italians


Just do what I do to help remember: write down every new word you come across, if you spell it incorrect in a lesson, write the word down 3 more times, eventually you'll learn the words.

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