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  5. "Ik heb geen energie vandaag."

"Ik heb geen energie vandaag."

Translation:I have no energy today.

November 27, 2014



This is me almost every day recently :(


So the 'g' in 'energie' is pronounced as a 'zh' sound? I assume this pronunciation was borrowed from French.


No it wasn't.


What wasn't it? Do you mean it wasn't pronounced as /ɛn.ɛr.ʒi/ (I'm treating all the realisations of 'r' as allophones, though I'm not 100% sure that's the case) and instead should be more like /ɛn.ɛr.ɣi/, or that the word wasn't borrowed from French? The etymological dictionaries I've looked at say that it originally came into Dutch from Middle French, which would explain why the 'g' is being pronounced [ʒ] rather than [ɣ].

Or do you mean that the pronunciation in the sample is incorrect, and that it should sound more like [ɣ], the sound normally represented by 'g' in Dutch than [ʒ], which is the French soft 'g' or 'j' sound, and which I wrote as 'zh'?


Yes, the Dutch pronounce this word the way the French do: eenerzjie. In Flanders, they say it in a more Dutch way (however the Dutch variation is not uncommon): eenergie.


I flagged this with 'Today, I have no energy' cause i think it should be accepted.


Does this alter the stress, though?

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