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  5. "Det är mellan dig och mig."

"Det är mellan dig och mig."

Translation:That is between you and me.

November 28, 2014



Is it just me or does the audio sound super fast?


It's one of the jumpy ones...where you can clearly hear that it's segmented audio.

It would really be most helpful to have the text spoken through as one full sentence by a Swede.

Hope that can happen soon.


Yeah, it is rather difficult to understand.


Would this take on the same figurative meaning as in English?


As in a secret? Yes.


Sounds like a threat to me as in about to start a fight!


It could be used for that too.


We have a saying in Australia "That is between you and me and the gate post".


Can mellan also mean middle? I was trying (badly) to play a board game in swedish and the Middle East was called "Mellanöstern" could this be used in other contexts as well or is that "mitten"?


The middle is normally mitten, yes. 'In the middle' is mitt i though.


I translated it as "It is in between you and me". I is marked correct, but now I think about it, has another meaning. Are there different ways in Swedish as well?


Your translation have a different context, which tends to refer to a physical object. Eg, "the ball is in between you and me". The "in" is redundant, but not technically wrong. However when talking about personal matters or intangible, there should never be an "in" before between.


Why is "det" always "that"??? In my opinion this and that are the same but it tells me its wrong when I use "this"...


At least in this course, det is it or that, but this is det här or detta. det där always means that.
In real language, there may be contexts where this and that mean exactly the same, but in principle there is a difference, and we have the same difference in Swedish.


Can we say here.....det där mellan dig och mig


No, but you can say "det där är mellan dig och mig," however that seems like it would mean something specific, whereas simply saying "Det är mellan dig och mig" could mean that whatever "det" refers to in this sentence is a secret. I don't think "det där" gets that same message across.


No, that would be like 'that between you and me' in English – not a full sentence.


Why does it say "dig" here but in the question it marks it wrong and says "er". Which is correct and which is wrong?


Both work, but dig is for the singular du and er is for the plural you. Maybe you had some other typo the machine didn't like and for some reason it showed the er version (it tries to match whatever you input to the closest accepted answer).


Shouldn't it be du/ni och jag? is it dig och mig because both are objects and not subjects?


Quite right. Det is the subject, and dig och mig are objects.


Is it right to translate like this ......it is between you and me


Does det är means "it is" or "that is" or both?. Because I remember I read somewhere that "that is" it's det är det, but I could be wrong. (Here it accepts both)


Well. "Det är" means "It is", but there are a handful of contexts where Swedish wants den or det but English prefers that.


Since "It" is accepted in place of "That" here can this talk about both a physical location of something and a secret that is to be kept between two people?


Yes. It could answer a question 'Where is the table?' for instance :)


Can this mean both there is an object between you and me, and figuratively as like a secret?


It can mean both, though without context my native Swedish mind first goes to the figurative meaning.


why not " it is" ?

[deactivated user]

    Did anybody else think mellan sounded like mellon (lotr elvish for friend)? (I'm such a nerd!)


    How can you hear the difference between "det är ..." and "de är ..." (it is .../they are ...)


    I think its unfair to ask the leaner to type in swedish the first time by listening. Perhaps a better strategy is to read so the learner can check the spelling first.


    Why do we use dig here instead of du?


    Late answer, but mellan is a preposition, which means what comes after it must be in the object form. dig is the object form and du is the subject form (same with mig and jag).


    U is directly next to I on a standard UK keyboard.

    So when will Duo start recognising 'it us' / 'he us' etc as a typo of 'is', rather than a completeky incorrect answer? 'Us' doesn't even make sense in Eng in this context!


    Typing errors are handled by Duo, so this is a question for the general forums – Duo staff don't read the Swedish forums, and we as course creators (who do read these forums) can't do anything about it.


    "There is something between you and me" is not correct, isn't it? Tack sa mycket.


    That would be Det är/finns något mellan dig och mig.


    Thank you very much again. :-)


    Are the self pronouns generally said last, like in English?


    is this like telling a secret?


    so DET is pronounced DER ? why ? is the swedish T usually pronounced as R ?


    What is Neuter about this sentence?


    "Det" is in neuter form, as opposed to the common form "den".

    [deactivated user]

      How to say it is between you and me?


      Can't escape from crossing fate...

      [deactivated user]

        I said "this" is between you and me. Why is that wrong?


        With the TTS, it sounds like “och” is pronounced as “oh” and not with the ch aspect. Is this the case when normally speaking, or a mistake on the robots behalf?


        Does that mean a thing like a plate or a wall or a tree is between us or can it also mean a secret? (I hope its clear what I mean, its just confusing to learn swedish on english as a natural german speaker sorry)


        It can mean a physical object or a secret. This question has been answered several times in this topic, please try reading older comments before posting a question next time.


        Would this be it's physically in the middle of you and me, are we keeping a secret or am i threatening you?


        It can have all of the meanings you mentioned. This question has been answered several times in this topic, please try reading older comments before posting a question next time.


        Soo according to the dictonary det means that and it, can anyone confirm?


        omg now i'm getting confused with "det är" cos sometimes its that is and sometimes its, it is huhuhu


        So den is not the anymore? Its det now?


        I assume dig and mig should sound similar. I am hearing "dee" v "may."


        Does Swedish require pronouns to be in the same order as English?

        She, you and I Her, you and me


        it's a secret to everybody


        Is there a way to know when/how to differentiate betweeb "it" and "that" in regards to "det*?


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