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There's a mistake in German/Food

The voice said "Es ist/isst ein Sandwich"

I typed in: Es isst ein Sandwich

Result: Correct.

Translation: It is one Sandwich.

The translation does not match what I typed in.

October 17, 2012



it is ist it is because of the isst means eat


That's why "Es isst" shouldn't be translated as "It is".


You probably mean "Er" (=he). Er ist = He is. Er isst = he eats. So the Duolingo program was correct.


@ darekm: Did you feedback on that? There always is a link in the left margin.


@Ronille, nope. Actually if this was "Er" it wouldn't change anything. To put it simply: "Es isst" should be translated as "It eats", but the Duolingo program says "Es isst" = "It is". Otherwise stated, instead of showing the tranlation for "Es isst" the program shows the translation of "Es ist". That's clearly a mistake, typo, error, whatever.

@siebolt Ahhh, the Feedback thing. I was looking hard for the "Still think you're right?" button, but it's only available with incorrect answers. I never thought to use this Feedback tab on the left:)


@darekm, ok, now I get it. I thought you meant the "correct" bit was wrong, but you meant the translation (from Duolingo) was wrong. I completely agree, it just took a while for me to get it :)

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