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"Het continent"

Translation:The continent

November 28, 2014



When should one use "continent" and when should one use "werelddeel?"


'Werelddeel' is used for a political, cultural and historical division of the world. 'Continent' is used for the division in landmasses. However, most of us use them as synonyms.


That's interesting - can you give an example of where they might be used differently? Is it just that in different contexts you might think to use one word or the other?


Well, for example, there are seven 'werelddelen':

  • Azië (Asia)
  • Afrika (Africa)
  • Noord-Amerika (North America)
  • Zuid-Amerika (South America)
  • Antarctica
  • Europa (Europe)
  • Oceanië (Oceania)

But, there are six 'continenten':

  • Eurazië (Eurasia)
  • Afrika
  • Noord-Amerika
  • Zuid-Amerika
  • Antarctica
  • Australië (Australia)

Islands for example, don't belong to a 'continent' (like Greenland or Iceland), unless they're big enough to be a 'continent' themself (like Australia). Even though they don't belong to a 'continent', they can belong to a 'werelddeel'. Both Iceland and Greenland belong to the 'werelddeel' Europe.


Thank you... English doesn't make a distinction, which is confusing because for instance Europe and Asia aren't separate landmasses so I always wondered why they were called different continents :)


It varies in the english speaking world....some english speaking regions do also do this

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