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"Het continent"

Translation:The continent

November 28, 2014



When should one use "continent" and when should one use "werelddeel?"

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'Werelddeel' is used for a political, cultural and historical division of the world. 'Continent' is used for the division in landmasses. However, most of us use them as synonyms.


That's interesting - can you give an example of where they might be used differently? Is it just that in different contexts you might think to use one word or the other?

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Well, for example, there are seven 'werelddelen':

  • Azië (Asia)
  • Afrika (Africa)
  • Noord-Amerika (North America)
  • Zuid-Amerika (South America)
  • Antarctica
  • Europa (Europe)
  • Oceanië (Oceania)

But, there are six 'continenten':

  • Eurazië (Eurasia)
  • Afrika
  • Noord-Amerika
  • Zuid-Amerika
  • Antarctica
  • Australië (Australia)

Islands for example, don't belong to a 'continent' (like Greenland or Iceland), unless they're big enough to be a 'continent' themself (like Australia). Even though they don't belong to a 'continent', they can belong to a 'werelddeel'. Both Iceland and Greenland belong to the 'werelddeel' Europe.


Thank you... English doesn't make a distinction, which is confusing because for instance Europe and Asia aren't separate landmasses so I always wondered why they were called different continents :)


It varies in the english speaking world....some english speaking regions do also do this

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