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Norwegian... when for?

I see a lot of people asking for Norwegian (and actually I am one of those). When is next Duolingo poll? Do you have any news?

thank you :)

November 28, 2014



I'd love it! We've got Danish and Swedish so why not Norwegian?


I know! if you know Norwegian, you can understand a little bit of Swedish and Danish so why not starting with Norwegian? It would be such a great advantage.


I would love to see Norwegian! And Icelandic :)


I would like to learn Norwegian as well. I did already learn some, and found that I can read Danish and Swedish from understanding that little Norwegian.

On this site I found a nice explanation a Norwegian native why to choose for Norwegian over Danish or Swedish: http://www.phrasebase.com/archive2/all-languages/swedish-danish-and-norwegian.html

" Norwegian, swedish and danish 90% of the words in swedish is also in the norwegian. we don`t always understand each other, and norwegians understand the two other languages better.

Fig. A. an understanding of spoken language

Norwegians understand 88% of the spoken swedish language understand 73% of the spoken danish language

Swedes understand 48% of the spoken norwegian language understand 23% of the spoken danish language

Danes understand 69% of the spoken norwegian language understand 43% of the spoken swedish language

Fig. B. An understanding of the written language

Norwegians understand 89% of the written swedish language understand 93% of the written danish language

Swedes understand 86% of the written norwegian language understand 69% of the written danish language

Danes understand 89% of the written norwegian language undestand 69? of the written swedish language.

We in Norway undestand the danish written language best. The norwegian bokmål has developed from the danish language and we have seen the language from 100-150 years ago. All of the big writers in Norway used the danish language. "


wow! thanks for your answer! I didn't have that information as clear as you wrote it, but now I read it I'm learning Norwegian more than ever. Though, I still hope we can learn it here in Duolingo.

Tusen takk! :)


Thank you! :) I didn't write it, it's just a quotation. Pity there is no 'quote button' other than "" What I like in Norwegian is that the pronunciation is just as it is written. I find the Danish pronunciation on the other hand far away from the spelling.


Good to know anyway... Greetings :)


woho! That is perfect! We just have to wait now....

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