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"De populaire, mooie en korte meisjes hadden de bus genomen."

Translation:The popular, beautiful and short girls had taken the bus.

November 28, 2014



We really wish the popular, beautiful and short girls would return the bus already.


Is this one popular, one beautiful, and one short girl? Or are all three all three?


To my Dutch ear, it sounds as if it applies to all the girls, and there could well be more than three of them.


All the girls (could be two girls, could be more) are all three. Otherwise they would say "een populair, een mooi en een klein meisje hadden de bus genomen." actually, 'kort' isn't used for people.


Or another (but really unlikely) possibility could be that there are 2 or more popular girls, two or more beautiful girls and two or more short girls, so there are at least six of them.


Can 'mooi' also mean 'nice' here in this context? Or is it always 'beautiful' when referring to people?


When referring to people, "mooi" always means "beautiful".


Usually, "korte" is not used to describe people or animals. "kleine" would be more appropriate

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