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"De koning en koningin hebben op dit moment andere taken."

Translation:The king and queen have different tasks at this moment.

November 28, 2014



Not entirely correct. In this context "andere taken" would mean "other tasks" as in they are too busy with other tasks to be able to fulfill this one, now. "Different tasks" as in the king does task A and the queen does task B would translate as "verschillende taken".


Came here to ask a question, and it was already answered. Such luxury! Thanks. Are you a native speaker?


This sentence could be an answer to another sentence, in which there would be some other tasks mentioned. In such a case I think "different" is a good translation as well.


I put "duties" which sounds more solemn and regal than "tasks" and it was accepted.


"the king and queen at this moment have different tasks" should be accepted!!!


maybe correct, but not a good translation, what the first post says it right, it is other tasks, not different tasks, shame on duolingo


In English the sub-phrase "at this moment" can be placed at the beginning, middle or end (regardless of the argument about 'different' versus 'other'). I have reported this.


I hope someone is paying attention. I don't like being corrected for my English


Color me simple, but I think that using "have" rather than the stuffier "have got" just makes my linguistic diversions just a little easier.


Can someone say "de koning en de koningin hebben..." ?


To me, the difference "De koning en koningin" and "De koning en de koningin" seems the same as in English with "The king and queen" and "The king and the queen." The former just refers to both as one join entity, while the latter distinguishes them as two people.


why is this wrong??...the king and queen have on this moment other duties


No one says "on this moment".


It should be 'AT this moment'


I would think that an extended adjectile expression describing "andere taken" would work. Why doesn't it?

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