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  5. "She loves biking."

"She loves biking."

Translation:Zij houdt van fietsen.

November 28, 2014



Just to add some confusion: "Ze" is actually almost always used instead of "zij". "Zij" is used to emphasise the personal pronoun.

This is also the case with "mij"(replaced by "me"), as in "Ik heb me gesneden" (I have cut myself), instead of "Ik heb mij gesneden", which sounds unnecessary to a Dutch ear.

More confusion: this is not possible with the male version, "hij" (he).


More confusion: Hij does have an unstressed equivalent (ie), but it's only used with inversion. For example:

Hij loopt op straat. - Loopt ie op straat?


Very interesting, thank you! I always thought it was an abbreviation of 'iemand' (someone). http://www.vandale.nl/gratis-woordenboek/nederlands/betekenis/ie#.Wh514EqWaUk


I can see it's been two years that "ze" is not accepted here. Is there anyone moderating the course or they're all gone? ;)


Ze is in the system, if you or someone else comes across it again that it is rejected.

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