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Komt een man bij de dokter - Funny TV Show

I have been searching for a good TV show in Dutch to watch and I finally found one that I like! It's called komt een man bij de dokter. It's pretty funny and there's tons of episodes on YouTube.

If anyone is also looking for something to watch, check it out. I literally died in the first 30 seconds lol....


Hopefully someone else can enjoy this just as much. xD

November 28, 2014



"Komt een man bij de dokter" is the beginning of a joke. The program is basically a bunch of Dutch jokes acted out. I guess it's a good introduction into Dutch humour even if I don't think it's very original.


I like to Watch Kud on youtube. It is a funny animation series. Check it out!


buiten de zone is really un!


I will try to watch this.. Right now I'm finding it difficult to follow, but thanks for the resource!


Also on YouTube you can find the 'Comedy Station' channel which is a collection of lots of Dutch language stand-up comedy, some are quite difficult to follow, but Daniel Arends is one which I can relatively understand :)

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