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"Bitte warten Sie am Bahnhof auf mich."

Translation:Please wait for me at the train station.

July 7, 2013



"please wait for me at the station" is wrong? it suggests "please wait for me at station".


Bahnhof is specifically a train station, not just any station.


That solution is definitely missing a word....


'Please wait for me at the station' should be an acceptable answer. In (British) English one might naturally use that sentence and wouldn't necessarily include the word 'railway' or 'train' even though that might be the literal translation of Bahnhof. It's taken for granted that one means 'railway station'. If one meant another kind of station – like police station or bus station – one would specify that; 'railway' is the default station, unless maybe among policemen or something.


Could you say here "Bitte, warten Sie mir am Bahnhof" ?


You can also wait "in" the train station.


"Please wait for me at the railway station" is wrong.Why?


Probably because the Americans don't say "railway". Duolingo is put together by Americans, and "railway" is British usage.


It does indicate American English here, but I'd say report it, since the whole thing is being constructed regardless, and various possibilities are accepted, even ones with no real usage. It's good didactic technique for an open source program, though.


In English "station" always means railway station unless one specifically adds "bus" or "police". Duo is wrong, again.


Looks like the article "the" has been added. I was wondering how tightly the usage is in German for place or person as in this case, or if it can vary. In English, it's pretty flexible.


am = an dem = at the


'Please wait me at the train station' sounds correct to me. Any reason not be accepted?


You wait FOR someone. You're missing that word. The rest is correct.

[deactivated user]

    Saying "wait me" is not correct English. It should always be "wait for me"


    Why isn't the original question "Bitte warten Sie auf mich am Bahnhof" TeKaMoLo


    I know that Bahnhof is specifically a train station but most people use "station" to mean "train station".

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