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404 on article I had been working on

Hello, I was translating an article on Seo de Urgel found here: https://www.duolingo.com/translation/6705a29c396ba56917f0f8ae8ed50929, however in the midst of making translations two days ago, it started 404ing everytime I clicked on it. I figured it was pulled from the site for some reason, but I still get notifications that people are editing my translations. I would like to get back into the article to continue translating, and/or see why my translations are being edited if they were incorrect. Is this common? Was I somehow locked out of the article? If so, why?


November 28, 2014

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It gives 404 for me as well. I guess the uploader would have removed it for some reason. Or even Duo could have done that if found in violation of its rules.

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