"Ta av dig skorna!"

Translation:Take your shoes off!

November 28, 2014

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if it is 'take off your shoes' shouldn't it be ' ta av dig dina skor'??


"Ta av dig dina skor" is not wrong, but it's not the normal Swedish way to express it. More examples:

Borsta tänderna! - Brush your teeth!
Jag har ont i magen - I have a pain in my stomach
Vi tar på oss kläderna - We put on our clothes


In Spanish we also say that way:

•Borsta tänderna! - Cepíllate LOS dientes!

•Jag har ont i magen - me duele LA barriga/ tengo un dolor en LA barriga.

•Vi tar på oss kläderna - Tenemos LA ropa puesta.

Thanks, now it is clear for me!


thank you that was helpful.


To me it seems like The Voice says "Ta av dig skon!"

Skorna: http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/skorna/


You're right, I've disabled the audio for this sentence now (it's still played, but you won't get the listen and write practice on it). For all learners, I recommend listening to this song to hear the phrase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLXneV363No :-)


I really enjoyed the song! Tack!


Oh, that's your second Povel Ramel! Or maybe there are even more? I knew of this one of course, but hadn't heard "Var är tvålen?" before.


I don't know if there are any more, there are so many sentences in the courses I still find things I haven't seen before!


The family of the man in this video, Povel Ramel, may be owed millions by the estate of Lawrence Welk. This sounded like every other song on the Lawrence Welk Show.


What's the function of "dig" here? Is "att ta av" reflexive, and if so, is it always? Thanks!


Is it common for Swedes to take off their shoes when they are at home?


It's an unwritten rule.


yet, it seems like that doesn't apply to student dormitories

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You can leave your hat on...

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Ah! I cannot remember the phrase for "putting on an article of clothing" for the life of me and it's killing me...Someone please please please help?

edit: Nevermind, found it in my notes (at last!) and it is "ta på sig".


Can you say, "ta av din skorna"?


I'm not a native Swedish speaker, but from what I understood so far, possessive here is implied, so while it's not wrong to include it, it's not necessary. However, in this case, it's plural, so it would be "dina", not "din".

Also, the "dig" here is reflexive. It's like they're saying "take the shoes off yourself". It cannot be left out in the Swedish version unlike in English. Thus (assuming it's accepted, which I'm not sure it is), it would be "ta av dig dina skorna".


1 ) Ta av dina skor :- take off your shoes

2 ) Ta av dig dina skor :- take off your shoes

Är min första mening fel ??


Hvað? Ertu að bóna?

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