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Tips and Notes in the mobile app? And any hope of a Duolingo Jr someday?

Is there any way they could add the notes at the beginning of lessons to the mobile version? I know most of the notes tend to be very sparse, but I still like reading a quick overview of what the lesson will be about. A way to add your own notes would also be pretty cool.

Also, are there any plans to make a kid friendly version of Duolingo? I'd love to use this site to teach my niece Spanish but the inability to completely turn off the social interaction and some of the inappropriate subjects of the example sentences makes this awkward/gives me security concerns.

November 28, 2014

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If your niece is under 10 than you definitely don't want her doing duo due to the social aspect. If she's older than 10 but under 13, than you should let her do the lessons and monitor what she's doing. Hope I helped :)

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