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"Do not pay for that sandwich."

Translation:No pagues por ese sándwich.

5 years ago



Why is the "por" needed here, but not in "yo pago la cena" (I'll pay FOR dinner)?

5 years ago


why is it esto(estos) emparedado (emparedados), and not este (estes), in previous examples for this ( these) sandwich ( sandwiches) and now it is ese emparedado (and not eso...) for "that sandwich"?? ie I thought if there was a definite object ( like sandwich) then este/estes/ese/eses is used for this/these/that/those (so this example is correct but seems to contradict previous examples that used "estos" emparedados, etc....)?

5 years ago


Can we please recognize ¨bocadillo¨ as well as ¨emparedado?¨

4 years ago