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"Patricia pensou sobre os animais."

Translation:Patricia thought about the animals.

July 7, 2013



Why isn't this "Patricia pensou NOS animais"? I thought it was pensar+em...?


Paulo has already pointed out that you are spot on. I just looked at my dictionary to see whether "pensar sobre" was just another alternative and found something rather surprising, well to me at least. It seems that "pensar sobre" translates "ponder over", i.e. a more meditative type of thinking.


Nice point =) ponder over can also be expressed as "pensar em" or "ponderar". Then, you decide what you prefer to use: em or sobre


You only write helpful comments! Vlw :)


That should be accepted too

[deactivated user]

    How nice! For the first time a person's name turns up... and it's mine! :-)


    I know! I didn't know duo did proper nouns until this sentence popped up, and I had to make sure I hadn't forgotten a Portuguese word!


    Why does this name not require an accent over the first (accented) "i", like in "polícia"?


    Because it's the name of a person. In personal names, the mother (when giving the child a name) choses to use it or not. At least here in Brazil it's rare to put accents in personal names.


    the answer she thought about the animals should be accepted

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