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  5. "The children walk to us."

"The children walk to us."

Translation:Siúlann na páistí chugainn.

November 28, 2014



When I look at the word "children" in Irish I think about how it looks like pasta


I answered: siúlann na pháistí chuigainn

I seem to be struggling with WHEN to add the h


Plural nouns following na is one circumstance where lenition isn’t needed.


You should really use the preposition " ionsar" of instead of "chuig. Just saying...


As ionsar isn't used much, if at all, outside Ulster Irish (and it's hardly ubiquitous even there), most of us are better off sticking with chun.


Dunno. It's a question of position and distance. Sometimes I see you use use chun where I would use go dtí for further distances and sometimes chun where I would use ionsar in a general sense of "towards". Fair point though, it's a hard one to explain.


It's just a difference of dialect. ionsar didn't even make its way into De Bhaldraithe's English Irish Dictionary, and it isn't included in the Grammar Database at teanglann.ie, so it's a preposition that isn't in wide use. It's not wrong, it's just regional.

(And I amn't Duolingo - I don't have any control over or direct access to the course material, I just get to delete the spam and irrelevant or misleading posts that crop up in the Sentence Discussions).

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