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Why's my streak gone

Yesterday I earned 100 xp through proofreading some French articles but my day streak's been reset to 0, that's the third time that's happened so I'm getting really annoyed now, please give it me back

November 28, 2014



Nobody here in the Duolingo forum can help you, I don't think.

You might try moving this to the Troubleshooting forum. Additionally, you might try emailing support-at-duoligo.com and also writing to bchan on their profile.


If you strongly feel that this is a computer bug contact the support team by looking at the far left side of the screen in the middle. It should say support if you click this you can submit a complaint. Hope it is fixed. :(


I had similar issue and posted it about 2 weeks ago here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5407229 but nobody fixed it. I've posted it on support and written few emails to them, but it looks like they ignoring me completely and don't event reply, so now I even don't hope they return my sreak back, but as long as it happens to another users of this site, lets hope they will fix it someday


Exactly the same has happened to me , for the second time . I can't think of a quicker way to put one off trying. A whole 10 days gone.


Had this happen to me as well.


This happened to me today, too. And I'm positively sure I completed a skill yesterday (German, dates, 5/9). I think this happened before, and I was using the Android app, too (the streak freeze keeps getting being used up) This is very discouraging! I want my streak! :(


I lost my 325 days streak yesterday, even if I did a lesson that day! :/


I put in a email to support and they have ignored it all week. To be honest, I stopped logging in - it is a huge disincentive to loose a 2 1/2 month streak for no reason and to be blown off by Duolingo. I would rather they just removed the feature than have it function so poorly.


I haven't heard anything yet either, but it rather new for me yet though. I noticed something peculiar when I did my lesson yesterday though. At those tasks where I was supposed to repeat a sentence orally, I got a reply that " you are correct" (or something like that), instead of being given the translation. Could it be that I had lost my connection to the net during the lesson, but all the tasks were loaded to my IPad, so everything else looked good, but did not really get updated to my user, because I wasn't online, even if I believed I was so?


There is some update going on as well. Someone on Reddit posted that he had a new interface.


Make your daily goal 1xp so if you lose some XP it might not lose all.


I already had that and I earned 100xp


Same thing happened to me 3 times. I am trying to be adult about it and only worry about what I learn. But it bugs me! I try my best to practice everyday and drag my computer or tablet where ever I go so I make sure to practice a wee bit every day -- even in places that have no easy internet access. Anyway... like I say, it bugs me!


Still happening. They don't give a raton's behind in any language. But they hope we will pay the $2.99 or $4.99 to get our streak back, or pay for insurance. I start to think it is not a bug but a lame attempt at a "clever" money making scheme.

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