"There are fifteen restaurants in the town."

Μετάφραση:Υπάρχουν δεκαπέντε εστιατόρια στην πόλη.

November 28, 2014

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Is "Υπαρχουν..." the only possible word. Why not: "Ειναι..." which sounds more natural.

November 28, 2014


Υπάρχει is the existential quantifier, and is the most correct. My understanding is that "Είναι δεκαπέντε εστιατόρια" would mean "Those/they are fifteen restaurants," as in "Τι είναι αυτά τα κτίρια; Είναι δεκαπέντε εστιατόρια." This means something quite different.

(Greek speakers: please correct me if this is wrong!)

If you're familiar with Spanish, υπάρχει/υπάρχουν are Spanish's hay.

March 26, 2015
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