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  5. "Han skriver under papperet."

"Han skriver under papperet."

Translation:He signs the paper.

November 28, 2014



Stress 'under', or else it's "he writes under the paper'.


I really don't understand how to "stress" certain words in a sentence. I suppose I do it when I speak my native language but I've never really given it much thought. Is there any sort of guide to it?


We stress it differently because it's supposed to be a phrasal verb. It's like you're saying: "He writes the paper under", only now imagine you moved "under" before the verb "He writes under…the paper". Compare "up" in "he wakes up his dog" vs. "he walks up the stairs."


Just sort of say it slightly louder and higher pitch I think.

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I don't hear it in this sentence, i mean, it's like "under" is said as fast as possible, and not at all stressed :/

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Thank you for the link, it's more audible there :)


So, if I actually wanted to say, "I write under the paper," would I stress "skriver" instead of "under?"


What erikblomqvist just said. If you stress "skriver" it means "he writes beneath the paper"


What is the difference between "papperet" and "pappret"?


Same thing, different spelling (I'd say that "pappret" is the most common, by far).


How about "He undersigns the paper"?

Sounds kind-of-correct to me (non-native English speaker)


Almost nobody uses that though. The term "underwrites" is used for someone giving a financial guarantee, such as with insurance.


That is correct in English. Also to subscribe, from Latin "to write under".


does "skriva under" means the same as the partikelverb "skriva på"?


Yes, as long as you emphasise it correctly :)


What is the difference between "Skriver under" and "Undertecknar"?


På norska heter det: "skriver under PÅ" något, = undertegner. Men på svenska användar ni inte "på" såhär?


Vi brukar använda det med mer abstrakta uttryck: Jag skriver inte under på den idén.
Men inte med t.ex. ett kontrakt – man brukar antingen skriva under ett kontrakt, eller skriva på ett kontrakt, men inte använda båda samtidigt i sådana fall.


Hm. Interessant. Tackar.


(US English speaker) - Is "write under the paper" a non-US English way of saying "sign"? Just wondering if that's the case, or if DL is just giving a literal translation of the sentence because I got it wrong.


It's just the literal translation, in this case.


Thanks for the quick response.


[UK here] Open letters can start with 'we, the undersigned believe xyz...'. Also to underwrite is to give a financial guarantee, for example companies which underwrite insurance companies will make sure the insurance company doesn't go under if they have to make a big payout. Also 'subscribe' in Latin mean 'write underneath'

So in answer, no- but several modern words stem from the concept of 'writing under'.


(UK here) I used to work in insurance and the 'Lloyds Underwriters' would literally sign their names in a list underneath the words of the contract to say that they agreed to the terms.


I thought the paper is pappret not papperet.


Good to know. Thanks


It's gonna take me a while to get used to not using "på" here. We use it in Danish all the time


You can use instead, as long as you don't use under too. Han skriver papperet works just as well. :)


I'd just like to add a word on the difference in stress. :)

  • Han skriver PÅ papperet = He signs the paper
  • Han SKRIVER på papperet = He writes on the paper


I think it should be He writes under the paper. I speak Swedish fluently and am from Sweden


Only if you mean that there's something below the paper on which he writes. But that's a pretty unlikely situation. Nevertheless, it is accepted.


Is the “paper" here just the one as in "a piece of paper", or it can also mean the kind of paper like a journal article / thesis / dissertation? I look up the dictionary, the latter is "avhandling" or "artikel". Since I have read different explanations in the dictionary and that of explained here for other words, I would like to confirm. Tack! :)


We primarily use papper in the sense of paper sheet. The sense of article or thesis is rare, but exists. We also use papper in the sense of "papers, please".


Tack devalanteriet. :) BTW, for a practice I made yesterday, you re-recorded a word, the original pronunciation of which in the courseware needs to be improved, you have an amazing voice. :)


Thank you. :)

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