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Songs and Verse

Translating songs and such is a whole different exercise. Rhyme and meter come into play which doesn't always translate well. It can be done- Va Todo al Ganador is a great example of an English song translated into Spanish.

I'm slowly working my way through the German course while my German videos play in the background. I have picked up some of the song lyrics in the process but actually translating them into something playable in English seems quite daunting. Are there resources out there to help with this aspect of translation?


July 8, 2013



I sing in a choir and I love languages. Often there is an English language version for music originally written in another language. It isn't a translation, though. It's just text written in English that expresses more or less the same thing.


I don't know of any specific resources, but you could try looking at the translations available out there and working from there.

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