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  5. "The bad oil is not tasty."

"The bad oil is not tasty."

Translation:De slechte olie is niet lekker.

November 28, 2014



What is the difference between niet and geen? When do I use each one?


Geen is usually followed by a noun and means "not a." For example: "het is geen boek," means "it is not a book." Niet either comes before an adjective and means "not" like: "het is niet lekker," or after a verb which means "don't" like "ik loop niet." Note that when translating from English, if you have an indefinite object with articles "a" or "an" you negate that with "geen." If you have a definite object with the article "the," you negate the verb instead using "niet."


I got "lekker" wrong, it said to use "smaakt" I have not learned this word yet, why would this be used in place of "lekker"?

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