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Swedish Pronunciation

I love Swedish! Got started today, Really nice language, It is difficult in Pronunciation, Words such as "And" "She" "Jag" and "är" are extremely hard for me to pronounce, It says it slowly enough for me to hear it, but I need exact phonetics to understand it.. Anyone please help me get the grasp on those 4 words? With Regards, Polyglot_Gifted

November 28, 2014



The sounds really are tricky, but you can get it. I found this page of phonics to be very helpful.

Also keep in mind that the text to speech is rather funky, so read the comments under the questions to see if more fluent speakers are pointing out an error. Forvo is a great site with recordings of native speakers saying words.


:) Nice picture haha


Thanks! My dog is very patient.

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