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"Pigen med den røde frakke cykler til sin bedstemor."

Translation:The girl with the red coat bikes to her grandmother.

November 28, 2014



The Danish Red Riding Hood. :)


I think "bicycled" should be accepted.


If you leave out „bi“, I agree. You will not find the word „bicycled“ in any dictionary - because the word is not used by native speakers.


You generally won't find past tense verbs in the dictionary. If you look up the word "bicycle" in any dictionary, you'll see it is a noun and a verb (meaning "to go by bicycle"). This is in the Merriam-Webster, Collins and American Heritage dictionaries. I didn't look in any others since it didn't seem necessary.


I had bicycled Same as biked not accepted


"the girl with the red coat rides a bike to her grandma" is a better English translation, yet not accepted :(

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