"I eat an orange."

Translation:Jag äter en apelsin.

November 28, 2014

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Apelsin (appel+sina), literally Chinese apple, I assume since oranges came from China. German apfelsine, and dutch sinaasappel also reflect this.


The german word apfelsine is rarely used,we normally just say Orange(though it is pronounced differently from the colour orange)


That depends on the region. Apfelsine is common in the north.


Sorry,I'm from the south,didn't know that... Well,at least I knew the word existed,I can name a few people I know that probably never heard "Apfelsine"


My grandmother is from the countryside outside of Kiel, she uses Apfelsine for the fruit but Orangensaft for the juice. :)


Yeah,I've heard "Apfelsine" but never have I heard "Apfelsinensaft" although it apparently exists since autocorrect knows it


I did not know that. Thank you so much for this piece of trivia.


i typed ett apelsin and it didn't correct me so i wonder if this is a word where you can use both? do things like that exist in swedish?


Yes, some people say ett apelsin but they're definitely a minority so I really recommend saying en apelsin.


E and O are both vowels but for the word ''an egg'' we used ett and for ''an orange'' we used en, plz explain me this, its very confusing


Swedish nouns are not divided into grammatical gender depending on vowels, but in irregular fashion. En-words are a lot more common though. But there is no failproof system to figure them out, you have to memorize and practice which gender any word belongs to.


ok thanx for the reply, it will take some time though :)

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    I looked at the word translations, it said apelsin and orange. I typed orange, it marked it wrong and told me that apelsin is the correct word. I am confused.

    Edit: of course it suggested orange, not organs, that would righly be wrong ^^


    orange in Swedish is only used about the color and apelsin only about the fruit.


    In Russian апельсин (apelsin)...)


    Difference between jag and ja? Thanks :)

    • ja = yes
    • jag = I


    my mom speaks German and she says apfelsine all the time cause her favourite fruit is orange

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