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Third attempt at Germanic Languages

So far, I have tried to learn german and dutch and they didnt stick (i'm too used to romance languages I think). Hopefully danish will stick.

November 28, 2014



I think you should try to do easiest to hardest. I want to do that too with Germanic ones, I'm going to do Swedish, Danish, Dutch, then German. But if Norwegian was on here, I would do Norwegian first.


I'm doing hard-to-pick-up-on and head-bangingly confusing German until the Norwegian course is available. :P All my suffering in German now will just make Norwegian seem super easy, right? Lol, idk. Why not, though. I don't want to do Danish or Swedish because they could confuse any Norwegian I learn, and I don't really care for Dutch at all (it sounds cool, though). German's the best bet until Norwegian.


velkommen til dansk


Good luck! Danish has seemed a lot easier than German. I think it is the (so far) lack of declensions. The lack of conjugation is nice too, but I'm used conjugation being bilingual in Spanish. Danish seems quite a lot like English, just with different words mainly. Although it has two genders, which the adjectives have to agree with, so perhaps it is sort of like a combination of English and romance languages.

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