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I have a problem finding the correct expression

Which is the correct expression, and if both what's the difference: "Vi tænkte os ikke om" or "Vi tænkte os ikke for"?

Right now I can't even figure out how to say it/them in English, maybe I will after I've slept... "We didn't think ahead"?

November 29, 2014



I use vi tænkte os ikke om if I in present tense says that we in past tense didn't consider everything.


Tak skal du have. Jeg er ved at blive helt forvirret. :)


For the 'We didn't think ahead' I might translate it into 'Vi tænkte ikke fremadrettet' but it isn't a very good translation.

'Vi tænkte os ikke om' is a standard expression.


Thanks. I've discovered that fluency in four languages is a bit past my limit. The "... for" is probably Swedish influencing me.

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