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  5. Finished my Swedish tree!


Finished my Swedish tree!

Woohoo! My first finished tree!

November 29, 2014



swedish just came out, how could you already finished your tree? Congratulations :)


Thanks! I tested out of some stuff, and then I just worked on it a lot every day!


Bra jobbat, här får du några lingots! hehe


She's not called "the great" for nothing.


Congratulations! And good luck with the others! ;)


Grattis! Riktigt bra jobbat. :)


What?! I thought it just came out 2 weeks ago... Congratulations anyway! Got to work out my tree!


Yeah, but I have a bit of an obsession, haha! Thanks!


A lil obsession you do have :p thats super awesome and crazy quick! I did my first lesson and it was real nice. Loved the sound of it as well but i controlled myself from going further cause i gotta focus on german first hoho. Cant wait to learn it soon :p congratulations!! :D


That's some hardcore DLing. How'd you like it?


Sometimes it was a breeze, sometimes I wanted to smash my head against a wall. It was easier if I didn't have music with English lyrics or an English tv show on or something.


I know it's easier than English because it's more consistent and grammatically very pleasing, but I'm still struggling. It sounds so good, though, and I love the diacritics. I hear there are some good Swedish crime-drama and science fiction shows.


I typically can't get into the crime shows (too dark for me) but I haven't seen any of the sci fi ones yet. I actually really struggle with some aspects of the grammar, but I seem to do fairly well with vocabulary. And I agree, Swedish is very pleasing to the ear. Although, I prefer very southern Swedish accents, which I'm told is a bit unusual.


I heard Real Humans is good, but I haven't seen it yet. I'm not very far through, so the grammar might get harder, but vocabulary's my struggle. I like the southern accents because they use the French R, if my information is correct.


Real Humans is good. I watched the first season a couple of weeks ago.


I dunno if everyone would be happy about you calling it the "French" R :p, but yes in my experience they more or less do use a pretty guttural R.


Wow, that fast?! :O


Wow, congratulations! I have a question, though, about the trees. I've tried looking it up, but for some reason I cannot find an explanation on what a "tree" is exactly. Like, you completed the tree, but your swedish is level 11?... If someone could explain or link me to the explanation that I must have missed, I'd really appreciate it :)


So finishing my tree means that I completed all of the Swedish lessons that are on Duolingo. The level cap on Duolingo goes way higher (25 I think?) than what's necessary to complete the Swedish (or any language) tree on Duolingo. Does that make sense?


Yes, that clears it up for me. Thank you, and grattis igen!!


Congrats! I wish I was that fast. xD I'm no where near done with my Swedish tree, but I believe it will be the first tree I'll complete ever since I found Duolingo two years ago. ^^ Must keep going!


do you mix swedish and german? because they are close in vocabulary


No, I noticed that there are some similar adjectives but besides that it's pretty different. But also, I know a very, very small amount of German, so...

But in any case, linguistically, I don't think German and Swedish are close enough for one to really get confused between the two. It's not like, say, Spanish and Italian.


What is your native language? And, really, congratulations!!! That is absolutely amazing! So, how is it knowing Swedish?


Thanks! My native language is American English. And I still don't think I exactly KNOW Swedish yet :)


Still, congrats!


my native language is Hungarian, and swedish and german (for me) really very close, not even the vocabulary, it's close in grammar - the Hungarian grammar is very different from them. But i don't mix the 2 language, sometimes when I am tired I make few mistakes.


That's amazing, congratulations! I'm still working on the basics, but I'll get there eventually, I'm sure. :-)

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