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"She puts on her clothes and goes home."

Translation:Ela veste suas roupas e vai para casa.

July 8, 2013



So far as I can find from a shelf full of dictionaries the use of roupas (pl) is not good Portuguese. In English it can be clothes or clothing, but not so in Pt or Spanish. Clothes/clothing are both rendered by roupa (ropa) in the singular. I was starting from the English and "sua roupa" was marked wrong. With the cheek of an anglófono I reported it as a mistake in the Portuguese.


Phew...out of the left field! Level 8....I was just thinking "this is a bit easy" I nearly got this 1st time....I guessed "veste" might be puts on...but I missed out "dela"


actually...I got it nearly right....I just added an extra "Ela"... :-( "and she goes home"


I was just going to ask about that Leslie

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