"Is it enough?"

Translation:Är det tillräckligt?

November 29, 2014

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Is there a difference between "räcker" and "tillräcklig"? Are they complete synonyms? I asked a Swede who couldn't really pinpoint a difference but had an idea tillräcklig is more (about) specific (amounts), räcket is more vague. Could that be correct?


«Räcker» is a verb and «tillräckligt» is an adjective.

Det räcker — It suffices.

Det är tillräckligt — It is enough.


on wiktionary I found that räcka means 'to reach' 'to hand over' as well. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/r%C3%A4cka#Swedish and that tillräcklig is build up like this: Etymology: till +‎ räcka +‎ -lig http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tillr%C3%A4cklig It would seem to me that tillräcklig is a word where 'till' was added to specify the intepretation/use of 'räcka' to 'enough'

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    Can you say "nog" with the same meaning?


    tillräckligt appears to be the neuter form of the adjective rather than the adverb.


    Yes, but the standard form of creating adverbs is by having the adjective in the neuter. Compare the differences between:

    • Barnet är snabbt. (The child is quick) - adjective
    • Barnet springer snabbt. (The child runs quickly.) - adverb


    Thank you (for the other reply as well)!


    You’re welcome!


    "Räcker det ?" doesn't have the same meaning ?


    "Tillräckligt är det?" not accepted and neither is "Är tillräckligt det?" I guess that


    Punctuation doesn't matter, but neither of them are acceptable Swedish sentences.

    In a question, the verb must go first and the only thing that can go before the verb is a question word (such as who or what) or a phrase that has the same function (like how many) – but tillräckligt does not suffice :) – so 'Tillräckligt är det?' does not work.

    And "Är tillräckligt det?" doesn't work because the subject needs to go before the adjective (or adverb – it could probably be analyzed as either here) too.


    For the first one, Duo doesn't recognize punctuation, so it takes it as a statement.


    I put "Det räcker?". Why is this wrong?


    In question form the verb goes first.


    When would be use "nog" and when would we use "tillrackligt?"

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