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  5. "An bhfuil mac tíre sa ghort?"

"An bhfuil mac tíre sa ghort?"

Translation:Is there a wolf in the field?

November 29, 2014



"mac tire"--does that literally mean that a wolf is a "son of the country", or something like that?


Yeah, thats its literal meaning, like smeagairle róin literally means seal snot, but is a jellyfish


thank you very much for this information, it makes my day


If this is always wolf, how would you say 'son of the country ' then ?


Literally, "Is mac na tíre é" - "he is a son of the country", though "Is mac de chuid an Tír é" would give a better sense that he belongs to the specific Country.

"mac tíre" might be better translated as "a country son", without a definite article, but the implication is that the wolf is not found in towns/cities, but in the country.


would i be correct to say 'páirc' can also be used for field?


Gort seems to be used mainly for fields under cultivation, but páirc doesn’t seem to have that restricted meaning; so it seems like páirc could be used for gort, but gort wouldn’t necessarily be usable for páirc.


I completely couldn't figure this one out. :(


is "cú allta" common for wolf

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