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"Sekreterarna arbetar från nio till fem."

Translation:The secretaries work from nine to five.

November 29, 2014



Sings- What a way to make a living!


Beat me to it aha


Ironically "from nine till five" is not accepted...

Edit: Nvm, I did a typo


Would it be more appropriate to say "från nio till femton"?

Native speakers seem not to follow you when you refer to 5pm as 5 and I have no idea how to phrase it


Actually, if you want to phrase it that way, it would be 'sjuton', not 'femton', because you're working until 1700 hours, not 1500 hours (12 + 5 = 17).

And yes, in general from what I've heard, it's much more common for natives to use 24-hour time phrasing instead of 12-hour. The usual construct I hear is the hours, followed by 'och', followed by the minutes since the hour (so 1:51 PM would be 'tretton och femtio ett).


In Americanish I'd also say "The secretaries work nine to five" and skip the "from." Is that acceptable in Swedish, too? "Sekreterarna arbetar nit till fem?" {eller sjuton)

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