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Weird time glitch

If you constantly press 'skip' and 'continue' constantly on the timed practice, you receive over 2.3 million minutes' worth of time. What on earth has happened?

November 29, 2014



This has been posted about a lot. i recommend using the discussion search bar. :)


I tried that to see what would happen, and the clock just kept going down. Perhaps it has something to do with the internet connection; if you lose your internet in the middle of a lesson, the dictionary hints will stop working but it will mark everything correct, even total gibberish.

EDIT: I tried disconnecting the internet after starting the timed practice, and after 17 skipped lessons, it had given me 2:04. Then it panicked, and the window is frozen even after I reconnected to the internet. Interesting. When I refreshed it, it unsurprisingly sent me back to the beginning where I could decide whether I wanted timed or untimed practice.

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