"De mistede deres hukommelse i går."

Translation:They lost their memory yesterday.

November 29, 2014



Is "hukommelse" for memory like computer storage because duolingo wrote storage in brackets?

November 29, 2014


"Hukommelse" is for both human and computer memory, but this sentence seems to be about the computer kind.

November 29, 2014


I could imagine some thriller where two people wake up in the hospital after an accident without any idea who they are. The doctor would say to the nurse, who just started her shift "They lost their memory yesterday".

December 2, 2014


Tusind tak! :)

November 30, 2014


This must be for computer storage, otherwise it would be "memories" (which I put and was marked wrong). If it's only one memory, it must be referring to something like a joint-owned memory, which can only be an artificial one.

January 17, 2016


It is both human and machine memory. I think they wrote "storage" to separate it from the "memory" meaning "reminiscence of past events", like memories of childhood etc. Hukommelse is the memory that is cognate "to memorise."

June 14, 2019
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