"They drink water."

Translation:De dricker vatten.

November 29, 2014

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is "De" pronounced like English "Day" or like English "Dome"? I've heard both.

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It is pronounced "Dom", not "De" as the TTS says.


hi, i asked my swedish friend and she said that everyone writes 'dom' and that De is old, is that correct?

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No! The correct way of writing is "de", even though many people often only write "dom" in less formal texts such as blogs, SMS, e-mails and so on. You should try to learn the difference between "de" and "dem" and use them when writing.

If you are not sure, then "dom" could work, but it does not look as good.

Personally, I would never write "dom", not even in a SMS, but that's probably because I like to write properly. I also dislike "mej", "dej" and "sej" for "mig", "dig" and "sig" even though these spellings are accepted in general.


oh okay, thank you alot, I guess it wouldn't look bad since i'm a teenager and 'dom' seems to be 'cool' according to swedes :P


Not really, de/dem really is the norm even among young people in my experience. No one will look funny at you for writing dom though.


Dricker means drink or be drinking?


No, dricker means drinks or is drinking.

Han dricker - He drinks / he is drinking.

Att dricka - To drink / to be drinking.


When we should use dricka? Or we should only dricker?


dricka is the infinitive, can be used in expressions like jag vill dricka 'I want to drink'. In the present, it's always dricker.


I do not think dricka is real.


What do you mean, not real? dricka means 'drink' as in 'to drink'.
dricker is the present tense.
Han dricker = 'He drinks'
Hon tycker om att dricka = 'She likes to drink'


What's the difference between du , de , and ni ?


"du"=you (singular), "de"=they, "ni"=you (plural, like "y'all")


I’m going to have to make flash cards. To pronounce these words, is so hard. I plan on moving to Sweden to be with my girlfriend! Working really hard to study and get this all correct


When do you use drinken, and when do you use dricka?


drinken is the definite form of the noun en drink, which is a(n alcoholic) drink. dricka is the verb to drink.


It is so hard to get the letters


When do we use de vs det ?


You use "den" in place of "it" when the "it" is used to refer to a specific noun that belongs to the common gender:

"I have a dog and it is cute." "Jag har en hund och den är söt."

"My computer won't start and I don't know what's wrong with it." "Min dator startar inte och jag vet inte vad som är fel med den."

"Death takes everyone in the end. It is unavoidable." "Döden tar alla till slut. Den är oundviklig.

You use "det" in the same way to refer to nouns that are of the neuter gender. You also use "det" for the abstract dummy "it", when it doesn't refer to any particular noun:

"It is raining" "Det regnar"

"It is going to get easier" "Det kommer att bli lättare"

"It is never a good idea to drink and drive" "Det är aldrig en bra idé att dricka och köra bil"


This is the incorrect form of "them". Outdated i believed.


Do you mean de? It is absolutely not outdated. And you're right, it's incorrect for "them" - but you're being asked to translate "they", not "them".

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