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"Manden spiser bøffen og suppen."

Translation:The man eats the steak and the soup.

November 29, 2014



I put 'the beef' instead of 'the steak,' would this still be acceptable in Danish for 'bøffen' or is there a better translation?


'The beef' would rather be 'oksekødet', 'bøf' is usually just 'steak'


I did the same without a second thought


steak and beef aren't interchangible. Most steak is comprised of beef and when the steak isnt beef its usually stated that its whatever meat its made of steak. I think bøf is just steak ftmp but like in english people in the states will refer ot steak as beef sometimes because it is that


I put "the man eat" instaed of "the man eats"... c'mon it's not an error! I just forgot the s! :(


But for a Dane learning English it's important for them to learn when an s is necessary and when it's not. I think the course goes both ways at least.


I am not sure if "the" is necessary after both of them in English.

In much the same way we need not repeat an adjective if it applies to both: "We eat blue flowers and frogs"

Am I incorrect about this?


I think it's translated that way so we can get used to the definite article '-en' being suffixed to the end of the word rather than being in front like in English.


I thought so too, I was just curious about the necessity of "the" in English.

Even if Danish requires it, I was sure I could leave it off in English.



i wrote "the stake" but the rest is right :)


I wrote the exact same!!!!!


I understood manden spiser boeffeners suppen - and wondered what that is supposed to mean...


Savage. The soup goes first!


Lots of letters in Danish are very soft, or appear to be unpronounced entirely. In the verbal response sections, I seem to get dinged for repeating the words exactly how they're said. Should I try to enunciate or continue saying the sentences as I hear them?


All of the "en" snd "ne" is giving me a headache and confusing my brain. I think singulars and plurals should be two different lessons.


Why is this sentes wrong? I type the same as the answer ?

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