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  5. "The girl eats her food."

"The girl eats her food."

Translation:Pigen spiser sin mad.

November 29, 2014



Can someone explain when you use sin, sit, sine, etc?


sin - words with -en, as in hund. Her dog - sin hund. Sit - words with -et, as in vand. His water - Sit vand. Sine - plural nouns regardless of gender. Her apples - sine ├Žbler


Was looking for this, thanks so much!


The possessives sin/sit/sine always mean his/her own. To translate the sentence here, "The girl eats her food", if you mean that she eats her own food, that would be "Pigen spiser sin mad", as Duo says. But if you mean she eats another woman's food, the correct translation would be "Pigen spiser hendes mad."


Thank you so much!!!!


I thought that "food" in this case is plural, therefore I should use "sine". Is that right?


I don't think that 'food' is countable


It's just like in English. You would say, "My food" and not "Mine food".


I made the same mistake and don't understand why it's wrong either.


it is connected with the word "meal" so "mad" actually translates to "meal", and meal is singular


I also did the same thing. I got it wrong...


What are the different types of her in Danish and when to use?


    "Hende" is the accusative form of "hun" and so is used as the object of the sentence. For example:
    Jeg elsker hende. = I love her.

    "Hendes" means "her(s)" and so is used when an object belongs to "her" except when "she" is mentioned already in the clause which I'll mention next. So:
    Hendes hund. = Her dog.

    "Sin/Sit/Sine" are used to mean "her" (but can also mean "his" and "its") when "she" is already mentioned in the clause. For example:
    Hun elsker sin hund. = She loves her (own) dog.

    If you were to use "hendes" instead of "sin" it means that she loves someone else's dog.


    What is the difference between sin & sine when referring to his or hers? Ive seen them both used are they interchangeable

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