"The report we have produced is different."

Translation:O relatório que nós produzimos é diferente.

July 8, 2013

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'o relatório que nós temos produzido é diferente' is this answer wrong here?


I suspect your sentence translates "The report we have been producing is different" although the Present Perfect lessons didn't do a lot to help me be sure :-)

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    If you think from the perspective of a native English speaker, the translation would makes sense to us; however, in Portuguese, the present perfect form isn't used that way.

    In Portuguese, it is used in the way we would use the Present Perfect Progressive: to describe an action that starts in the past of some duration/or repetition and continues until now: "We have been working without stopping all month." "Nós temos trabalhado sem parar o mês todo."

    Otherwise, "our" present perfect is translated into simple past, present, imperfect and with many adverbials.

    This link is amazingly helpful:



    Yeah, I am immensely confused about present perfect in Portuguese.


    I guess we'll just have to get used to it. Wikipedia says that the Portuguese differs from Spanish in that it has an (iterative aspect) (new word for me) a repeating aspect which means that if you use it here you are saying (has been producing)


    Yes, the English present perfect is mostly translated by the Portuguese simple past as it is here.

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